YL4581 1.6L plastic cow milk bottle

Brand Name Yinglian
NAME feeding milk bottle for cow
material plastic
Volume 1.6L
Feature Handle design, simple structure, easy to operate.
model YL4581

Product Description

The plastic feeding bottle has 1.6Lcapacities. It is helpful for cows and goats' milking process. When the mother cow was diagosed with diesease, the feeding bottle was used to milk the calf. Also, it is very safe and clean for the cows, so it is widely used all around the world. Besides, various types of feeding bottle was offered, such as faked nipples, fixed handle and drinking hose type.

1. Feeding milk bottle adopt high quality plastic, antibacterial silicone pacifiers, durable,no-toxic,more safety.
2. Handle design, simple structure, easy to operate.
3.Sturdy plastic nursing bottle with rubber calf nipple. Easy to clean and sterilize.
4. Accurate calibration, it is clear to see.
5.Big bottleneck,convenient to fill milk. 

Product  Parameters

 Name  Feeding milk bottle for cow
 material  plastic
 Volume  1.6L
 Feature  Handle design, simple structure, easy to operate.

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