YL4132 2 Floating Ball Automatic Plastic Cattle Drinking Ball

Brand Name Yinglian
name Plastic Cattle Drinking Ball
Material high density polyurethane plastic
model YL4132
Application cattle, cow, horse etc
Feature heating,cooling, insulate, freezing prevention
Float numbers 2

Product Description

Introduction of cattle water drinking ball
1.Insulated water bucket for animal is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly drinking water equipment for cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock use.
2.The animal cattle waterdrinking ball can achieve winter freeze protection, summer cooling, water-saving environmental protection, can reduce animal disease , improve the quantity of cow milk, to improve the quality of raw milk.

Features of cattle water drinking ball
1. Provides 4~5 degree water in winter
2. Big capacity of water-- 75L. Handles 25 to 50 head of dairy cattle or beefs
3. Robust design of this livestock drinking tank can stand up to the rigors of weather and livestock abuse
4. Designed with PU protection, withstand temperatures of -30°C, can prevents water from freezing.
5. Rotomolding and filling process--cover made of high strength engineering plastic Poly Ethylene, interlayer was fullfiled with polyurethane foaming plastic
6. Automatically thermo insulation, high efficiency of energy saving
7. Frequently cleaning--with high flow rate of inflow and draining off water. Water inflow can be finished in two minute, draining off can be finished in one minutes.
8. very cold weather (-30 degrees) can be installed electric auxiliary heat means :( heating power: 200W; Power: 36V / 5A). To get better results.



Product  Parameters

 Name  Cattle water drinking ball
 Material PE and polyurethane foam
 drinking water diameter  23cm
 Application   cow, horse, goat, cattle
Float ball diameter  25cm
 Anti-freezing temperature  -20℃
 Weight  35kg

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