YL4402 Hoof pincer

• Model: YL 4402
• Size: 44cm length
• Material: Carbon steel alloy
• Weight: 2.4kg
• Max open size: 4cm

Product Description

The type of cow hoof disease include rot disease, hoof deformation, hoof inflammation, hoof dermatitis,

finger between the neonatal, hoof erosion and hoof trauma and so on.

In the above-mentioned hoof disease, rot disease and hoof deformation is the most common.

The gripper is used to cut the hoof tip and the tip of the hoof wall, clear the hoof at the end of the filth,

It can control dairy cow disease effectively , protect the dairy cows health.

Technical Parameters

Name Hoof pincer
Size Length 44cm
Material Carbon steel alloy
Weight 2.4kg
Max open size 4cm

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