YL4204 Artificial insemination gun coat

• Model: YL 4204
• Size: 45cm
• Material: PE
• Package: 20 pcs/bag

Product Description

Artificial insemination sheath changes the three section inner plug in one section, this characteristic prevents sperm into the plug and will save about 0.5 million sperm per straw.
It used to 0.25ml or 0.5ml artificial insemination gun

Semen PE straw prevent dirty things into vagina and uterus during insemination, and no residue.

Specification of artificial insemination sheath
Cattle AI sheath: length: 450mm diameter:4.5mm
sheep AI sheath: length: 245mm diameter:4.5mm

Technical Parameters

Name Cattle Artificial insemination gun coat Sheep Artificial insemination gun coat
YL 4204 YL 4204
Size Length 450mm Length 245mm
Material PE PE
Dia 4.5mm 4.5mm
Package 20pcs/bag 20pcs/bag

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