YL2306 Artificial insemination long glove

• Model: YL 2306
• Size: 85*26CM
• Material: PE
• Package: 50 pcs/bag

Product Description

1. The artificial insemination long arm glove adopting international advanced composite blown film technology, at the same thickness ,strength increased by 50%, more effectively solve the problem of perforation, tear.
2. The products do not contain any natural latex components on human skin allergic reactions, non-toxic, harmless, tasteless.

1.This veterinary long sleeve gloves is mainly used for cattle, buffalo, horses and donkeys etc rectal palpation, ovarian pregnancy test, obstetric and artificial insemination.
2. It is necessary to prevent workers suffering from occupational diseases and cross infection of female animal reproductive disease.

Technical Parameters

Name Artificial insemination long glove
YL 2306
Size 85*26cm
Material PE
Package 50pcs/bag

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