YL4214 Livestock semen collector

Brand Name Yinglian
Material PE, rubber
Size 2m long, dia 1.5/2/2.5cm
Feature Nontoxic, durable, easy to operate
Model YL4214

Product Description

1. Sperm collector set for sheep is a tool specially designed for artificial insemination beginners and operator.
2.Add warm water into between the plastic tube and latex tube, sealed both ends, then put it on over the sheep penis.
3.Using airbag to get gas and squeeze the sheep penis, stimulate the sheep estrous ejaculation.
4.Clean and disinfection after use.

Product  Parameters

 Name  Semen Collection Instrument Artifical Sperm Collector Set
 Material  PE, rubber
 Size  2m long, dia 1.5/2/2.5cm
 Feature  Nontoxic, durable, easy to operate

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