YL5210 Automatic chicken debeak cutting machine

Brand Name Yinglian
Model YL5210
Size 27*16*14cm,1.5m long wire
Plug could be customized
Heating time <30 seconds
Weight 7.5kg/pc poultry debeaker
Power 200-250w

Product Description

This chicken mouth cutter is applicable to quickly cut chicken beak and stanch blood for chicken with different ages .
The best effect has been gotten after countryside chicken farms with different scale use this machine .
The complete chicken debeaker is composed of transformer, motor and cooling exhaust fan .

This product use low-speed motor to drive electric heatng movable knife to do the up -and -down movement by chain bar driving part ,and it can automatically set the knife with micro-moving chicken beak positioning blade to quickly finish cutting beak and stanch boold .
The complete machine is composed of transformer ,motor and cooling exhaust fan.The machine head is equipped with motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage-adjusting multi-stage switch of electric heating movable knife.
In addition,bench electric beak cutter has the electronic circuit of automatic stopping knife and stanchingblood, the machine head is equipped with time adjusting button of stopping knife and stanching blood;it can be adjusted randomly within 0-4 seconds.

Product  Parameters

Item name Automatic chicken debeak cutting machine
Temperature of movable knife 600-800°C
Red-heat time of movable knife <30 seconds
Time of stopping knife and stanching blood 0-4 seconds
Rate of beak 750-900 pcs/h
Voltage 220V

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