YL5212 Hand-held chicken debeak cutting machine

Brand Name Yinglian
Model YL5212
voltage 170V-220V, 50Hz
power consumption 100-250W adjustable
temperature 300-650 ℃ adjustable
hemostasis time self-defined
weight 0.8kg

Product Description

This chicken mouth cutter is applicable to quickly cut chicken beak and stanch blood for chicken with different ages .
The best effect has been gotten after countryside chicken farms with different scale use this machine .
The complete chicken debeaker is composed of transformer, motor and cooling exhaust fan .

Structure principle:
Heating screen made of high temperature alloy material, the surface temperature can be adjusted, the heating screen before and after the two sides can also operate for the two, the efficiency doubled. Heating screen temperature control between 300 ℃ -650 ℃.

Terms and Conditions:
The machine is fixed with a screw on a wooden stool or any other object that can be fixed, connected to the power supply, the hot screen blade can be red after the operation of the hot mouth (2 people can simultaneously improve the working hours of relative work)

1, began to use the heating screen may appear smoke phenomenon, belong to the normal water vapor evaporation, to be hot screen after the red, this phenomenon disappears.
2, the machine if used for a long time, it may also feel the electric shock, which is caused by the illusion of overheating blade, you can turn off the power, waiting for the machine after cooling the new boot, this phenomenon disappears

Product  Parameters

Item name Hand-held chicken debeak cutting machine
power consumption 100-250W adjustable
hemostasis time self-defined
temperature 300-650 ℃ adjustable
Voltage 170V-220V, 50Hz

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