YL5329 semi-circle saddle style chicken water drinker

Model YL5329
Size 5.5*2.5cm
weight 15g
Color Yellow
Application chicken farm, chicken, duck, bird etc fowl
Type saddle style chicken water drinker
MOQ 1000

Product Description

chicken water drinker suitable for chicken, duck, etc. It can save labor and water,can effectively reduce the trouble of artificial water supply, while the water has chicken mouth control, when the chicken mouth to leave the water rod, the water will automatically stop.

1.The seizing part adopts PP material, ABS plastic inside, 304 stainless steel nipple and ball valve.
2. Easy to install , can be directly stuck in the 25mm diameter PVC pipe to use.
3. High qualtity, durable, save water. it can used together with hang cup.


Product Parameters

Name semi-circle saddle style chicken water drinker
Size 5.5*2.5cm
Weight 15g
Connected Pipe 3/4''
Application chicken, poultry farm
Capacity 10-12 chickens
Package 100pcs/bag

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