YL5357 Automatic chicken drinking system

Application chicken, duck, goose etc poultry drinking line
Material of pipe PVC Pipe and Galvanize Support Pipe
Max Length 150m
Model YL5357
Capacity of nipple 8-10 chickens
Space of nipple 25cm
Type automatic drinking system

Product Description

Automatic chicken drinking system can be used for chickens,breeder, broiler, hens, ducks etc, which include filter, water-flowmeter, pressure regulator, the first end of the water level monitor, tail water level display device and exhaust, round and square pvc pipe, nipple drinkers, hanging cup, anti-roost wire, lifting motions (manual and electric), doser.

1. . Waterline is easy to install and use, saving water and energy, avoiding poultry disease caused by drinking water , improving the survival rate of chickens;
2. The waterline height could be adjusted according to different chicken age requirements;
3.Square pipe or PVC pipe, space of the pipe is 2.5-3.5mm, galvanized steel support pipe
4.  Different type nipples for your choose: drip cup drinker, double cups drinker, nipple drinker+ cups. One nipple feeding capacity: 8-12 broilers/ 12 caged layers/ 10 ducks / 8-10 breeders;
5. Water level: 1-7 day-old chicks, water tube level displays 50-80mm; 8-15 day-old chicks, water tubes level displays above the  80-200mm; 15 day-old chickens, water tube level displays  200-250mm

Product  Parameters

Name Automatic chicken drinking system
Material of pipe
PVC & galvanized steel
Length customized, Max is 150m
Capacity 10-12 chickens
Connected Pipe 3/4''
Application chicken, duck, broiler, hens etc
Space of nipples 25cm
MOQ 200m

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