YL5328 automatic screw type poultry water nipples

Model YL5328
Material Plastic & Stainless steel
Size 4.5cm
weight 9g
Application chicken, broiler, bird etc
Package 100pcs/bag
MOQ 1000

Product Description

1.Made up of best plastic,  light in weight and long life span in usage.

2.Save water, good structure design---removable lower parts for easy cleaning.

4.Convenient to dissemble and use.Item is easy to install in PVC pipe, a five gallon pail bucket or container.

3.Automatic drinker, ball valve 360 nipple and high sensitivity. Each unit has a 360 degree stainless steel nipple head that will work from any angle.

1. Use drill bit size 11/32” at low rpm for PVC, bucket or container with thick plastic wall.

2.For other think plastic like re-used water bottle cap, using drill bit size 5/16” is recommended.

3.Use a little silicone or thread tape and screw nipple into the drilled hole.

4.Recommends 1 nipple for 2-3 chicken/birds.

5.Water nipples only work under low pressure ( 5.5 psi or less ). Do not conect directly to a garden hose ( house water pressure is around 30 to 75 psi ). If you want to have it connected directly to a garden hose then a water pressure reguator is required.

Product Parameters

Name Screw type poultry water nipples
Size 4.5cm
Material  Plastic & Stainless steel
Weight 9h
Package 100pcs/bag
Type screw type ball valve drinker
MOQ 1000pcs

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