YL7307 ventilation exhaust fan

Model YL7307
Material Stainless steel
Thickness of fan blade 1.2mm
Thickness of shutter 0.4mm
Thickness 0.8mm
Size 60cm 80cm 100cm 138cm 153cm
Voltage 380v

Product Description

1. Using high-quality stainless steel, stamping forming blades,smooth, durable, energy saving, used for factories, shopping malls, garden house, and other places.
2. Shutters automatically open and close to achieve dustproof, waterproof, beautiful; can be used as a blower or ventilation.
3. Customized dual-network fan or dual-network & ventian type fan for special situation. Dual-network fan mainly used in large indoor space, enhance air convection. Dual network & venetian type fan used for the lower level workshop, not easy to access the blades, safe and effective.

Fan blades, motor, frame, grille, support stand, shutters and other components.
Motor-driven fan generated airflow. Window-blinds can be automatically open and close to prevent outdoor dust and foreign matter from entering, also avoid the impact of rain, snow and wind.


Outer frame used advanced automatic numerical control equipment processing, high precision;
Special thick galvanized layer, anti-corrosive;
High-strength aluminum alloy die-cast wheel hub, the new stamping twisted blades;
Reasonable airfoil angle can reach the maximum air flow;
Precision microcomputer aided manufacturing system allows the fan to maximize performance.

Product Parameters

Size  Thickness   Thickness of shutter    Thickness of fan blade       Air flow        Area      Voltage & Power  
 0.7mm  0.35mm  1.2mm  20000 m³/h  50-60 ㎡ 380v   370w
80*80*40cm  0.8mm  0.4mm 1.2mm  22000m³/h   60-70㎡  380v   370w
100*100*40cm  0.8mm  0.4mm  1.2mm  28000m³/h  70-90 ㎡ 380v   550w
110*110*40cm  0.8mm  0.4mm  1.2mm  32500m³/h  80-100 ㎡  380v   750w
138*138*40cm  0.8mm  0.4mm  1.2mm  44000m³/h  120-150 ㎡ 380v    1500w
153*153*40cm  0.8mm  0.4mm  1.2mm  55800m³/h  130-160 ㎡ 380v   1500w

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