YL8045 Manual cage fasten plier

• Model: YL 8045
• Size: 17cm length
• Material: Plastic handle, carbon steel plier
• Weight: 180g
• MOQ: 100pcs
• Usage: Fasten poultry rabbit cage, using with M/C nails

Product Description

The manual fastener cage plier is used for fix chicken, rabbit etc cage or fence, it also named cage plier. The corollary equipment of M type nail---chicken cage clamp nail pliers, weighing about 200 grams. Easy to use, a chicken cage clamp nail pliers is 20 times faster than common jaw pliers.


Technical Parameters

Item Manual cage fasten plier
Model YL 8045
Material Plastic, galvanized
Size 170mm
Weight 180g
Matched clip M clip, C clip

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