YL5206 chicken insemination gun

Brand Name Yinglian
Model YL5206
Properties Diagnosis & Injection
Name chicken insemination gun
Material High quality metal and non-toxic plastic
Capacity 1ml

Product Description


Product information
1. continuous insemination gun for chicken
2. high quality, made of metal and plastic.
3..The capacity of semen tube is 1ml;
4.The semen injection content can be adjustable;
5.1ml semen can be used for 40-50 chicken;


1). It is better to use a semen tube for one day. If for more days, the semen tube must be daily cleaned,disinfected, and naturally dried before;
2). It is better to install the semen tube before using the insemination gun.
3). Before the injection plug is installed into the semen tube, it must be coated with a little non-toxic lubricant at its periphery (glycerol or dip it in alcohol);
4). Prohibit pulling the trigger powerfully when the injection plug is in most front .

Product  Parameters

Name chicken insemination gun
High quality metal and non-toxic plastic
Properties artificial insemination
Feature adjustable
Capacity 1ml

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