YL3301 sow using farrowing crate pig flooring

Brand Name Yinglian
model YL3301
Material cast iron
weight 13~18kg
Size 60*60/ 60*70/ 70*70cm
advantage Durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, etc.

Product Description

Features of farrowing crate pig flooring

1. Strong corrosion resistant ability and rigidity, not easy to break.
2. Nodular cast iron products makes the surface more smooth, avoiding burr flash.
3. The farrowing crate pig flooring can increase the pig breeding density by 15%, and pig mature time can be advanced about 10 days.
4. The two sides of lcast iron pig floor are ladder type,avoiding sundries blocking between boards.
5. Advantages of long service life,non-toxic,non-pollution, good ventilation effect, no hurting to pig feet and nipples,good dung leakage effect,labor saving.



Product  Parameters

 Name  New design sow using cast iron farrowing crate pig flooring
 Durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, etc.
 Material  cast iron 
 Size  60*60/ 60*70/ 70*70cm
 Weight  13~18kg

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