YL9009 Rabbit nipple drinker

• Model: YL 9009
• Material: Plastic, galvanized
• Size: 45*35 mm / 40*30 mm
• Weight: 16 g / 13 g
• Application: Rabbit water feeding
• Accessories: Spring, T connector

Product Description


1.Clean water: direct drinking for rabbit from nipple drinker, No spilling and soaking, like the original container style drinker, to make sure rabbit can get clean, fresh water, this can avoid some diseases. Protect the environment against pollution

2.Material: Plastic, galvanized

3.Convenient design and sanitation water conservation

4.Protect the environment against pollution

5.Long-life span and wear-resistance

6.Supply hygenic water for drinking without waste

7.Suitable for rabbit in cage

Technical Parameters

Item Blue cover rabbit nipple drinker Rabbit nipple drinker
Model YL 9009  
Material Plastic, galvanized Galvanized
Size 45*35 mm 40*30 mm
Weight 16g 13g
Accessories Two springs, one T connector One spring, one T connector

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