YL4120 Cast iron sheep water bowl

● Model: YL 4120
● Material: Cast iron bowl, copper valve
● Size: 19.5*20*15 cm
● Weight: 2.57KG
● Application: Sheep, goats water feeding

Product Description

The farm drinking system plays an important role in dairy farms, it is one of most important feeding water equipment which could replenish the supply of drinking water for animals. We produce ABS plastic bowl and cast iron water bowl which are suitable for different animals, like cows, cattles, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, bulls etc.

This type of sheep watering need be attached to a fixed stanchion, when the animal use the nose to depress the presser plate, it could achieve in replenishing the supply of drinking water for them.This kind of animal drinking water device contains a bowl, one tongue, an adjustable spring, brass mouthpiece and fixed device.

Product features:
1. Tough and durable, quality assurance.
2. Touch switch, saving water.
3. Easy to install, connect to 1/2'' pipe. 

Technical Parameters

Model YL 4120
Application Sheep, goats water feeding
Size 19.5 *20*15 cm
Weight 2.57kg
Material Cast iron bowl & copper valve
Connect pipe  1/2''

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