YL4107 Sheep feeding trough

• Model: YL 4107
• Size: 90*34*17cm/ 45*34*17cm
• Material: PE
• Weight: 3.2kg/ 1.6kg
• Usage: Sheep feeding trough

Product Description


1)The edge thickness of rotational moulding products can reach more than 5mm
2) Livestock feeding trough is muntifunctional, can feed and drink.
3)The plastic rubber sheep feeder products easy to use
4) This products can be produced fully closed.
5) It can be filled with foam material, to achieve thermal insulation.
6) No need to adjust the mould, the thickness of rotational moulding products can be adjusted.
7) Easy to clean the dirt


Technical Parameters

Item name Sheep feeding trough Small sheep feeding trough
Model YL 4109
Usage Feeding trough, water trough
Application Sheep, goat, cattle etc
Material PP PP
Size 90*34*17cm 45*34*17cm
Weight 3.2kg 1.6kg

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