YL6501 Plastic steel syringe

● Model: YL 6501 /YL 6511/YL 6505/YL 6509
● Material: Plastic steel, cooper head
● Capacity: 10ml 20ml 50ml 100ml
● Application: veterinary animal syringe
● MOQ: 100PCS

Product Description


Product feature
Designed of one-hand operation, easy to disassemble and clean.
Copper head, durable
Copper rod, long work life
Automatic screw lock, can adjust the dosage according to need

Technical Parameters

Name Plastic steel syringe
Model YL6501 YL6511 YL6505 YL6509
Capacity 10/20/30/50ml 10/20/50/100ml 10/20/30/50ml 10/30ml
Material Plastic steel, cooper head
Usage Diagnosis & Injection
Suitable veterinary animal syringe
MOQ 100pcs

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