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How to cure chicken pox?

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Kinds of chicken pox:
Chicken pox can be divided into skin chicken pox and Laryngeal chicken pox.

cure chicken pox

Skin chicken pox lesions occur in the hairless and less hair area, such as comb, hanging, face, nose and eye circumference, etc., to generate a verrucous acne. Skin chicken pox initially produce a small white nodule on the skin, nodules rapidly increase and become yellow, and the adjacent nodules to each other to form a dry, rough, brown scab, prominent in the skin surface. If take away the scab, the skin to reveal a bleeding lesions. The number of scabs vary, and sometimes can be covered with the entire hairless part of the head. Scab can be present for 3-4 weeks, then gradually fall off, leaving a smooth gray-white scar. Skin chicken pox generally no systemic symptoms, but in a serious disease chickens (especially chicks), showing the spirit of apathetic, loss of appetite, and even cause death. If the pox occurs in the eye, the eye tears, photophobia, eyelid adhesions or even blindness.

Laryngeal chicken pox lesions occur in the mouth, throat, tracheal mucosa. First, the formation of a yellow-white small nodules on the mucosa, after the rapid expansion of small nodules and integration with each other to form a layer of yellow-white cheese-like pseudomembrane, covering the mucosal surface, so it’s called chicken diphtheria.If torn off this layer of pseudomembrane, expose to a red bleeding ulcer lesions. Chicken have difficulties on breath and swallow and often for mouth breathing. Due to feeding difficulties, their weight loss rapidly. there is poor growth of the body, some chicken will die of suffocate because of breathing difficulties.

Doagnosis of chicken pox:
The diagnosis of chicken pox is simple, according to the chicken crown, meat beard and other hairless scab lesions, as well as oral and throat diphtheria-like pseudo-membrane, you can make a definite diagnosis.

The use of chicken pox vaccine. In the vaccination work, pay attention to the following points:
1 Immunization of all chickens on the same day, if used for emergency inoculation, should start from the farthest from the flocks of chickens until the disease group; the use of the vaccine should be fully shaken, and once run out;
2 vaccination must be used for healthy flocks;
3 immunization should be staggered more than 3 days with beak cutter , or it’s easy to cause disease;
4 In the autumn or summer the chicks should be immune in 15 days, other seasons can be postponed to 30-40 days of age;
5 After work, disinfect hands and treat (burn or boil) the residue.

Prevention and treatment:
Strengthen the feeding and management, conscientiously implement environmental sanitation disinfection system, and improve the resistance of chickens are important means of disease prevention. Do regular vaccination prevention , generally inoculate in the 20-30 days of age, flocks can get better protection. Once chicken pox occurs, can choose antiviral drugs for treatment on the base of strengthening the feeding and management and good environmental disinfection. Can also take out blood of chickens which have been cured from chicken pox and inject into the disease chicken, can be cured soon. At the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of chicken staphylococcus disease, neomycin sulfate, gentamicin and other drugs and also be added.


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