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How to use the vaccine for laying hens

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    1 Use of freeze - dried seedlings

    First of all, in the nose, drinking water and spray and other immunization within 24 hours before and after the spray disinfection and drinking water shall not be used, and shall not use antiviral drugs. Drinking water is best to use sterile distilled water, if the use of deep well water, should be standing for about 2 hours. Every 10L of water by adding 50g skim milk powder, drinking water should be broken water after 30 minutes. The water containing the vaccine should be filled in 1 to 2 hours, and shall not use iron, should use plastic or porcelain containers.

    Second, freeze-dried seedlings of drinking water should be diluted with physiological saline, and fully shake, diluted within 4 hours after drinking, the remaining vaccine immediately destroyed.

    Once again, in the chicken wings under the vaccination, should avoid the wings of the veins, and 5 to 7 days to observe whether the occurrence of red lumps, if present, said the immune success, there is no means that the immune is invalid. Finally, in areas where laryngitis does not occur should not be vaccinated against laryngitis, but need to be vaccinated when the choice of eye or prescription should be carried out.

    2 inactivated use of the method

    Should be used subcutaneous injection of the neck injection of inactivated vaccine, and injection should seize the chicken neck, to ensure that the needle from top to bottom into the. Vaccine should be well shaken before injection and placed in room for 3 to 5 hours at 23 ° C. When the vaccine appears to be demulsified or the presence of foreign body should not be used, Kaifeng after the day of the vaccine used, the remaining vaccine in time to scrapped.