YL4213 cattle cow pregnancy test strip(paper)

● Model: YL4213
● Type: Visual Acuity Examination Appar
● Brand Name: Yinglian
● Name: cow pregnancy test strip
● Pregnancy time: 12-30days

Product Description

Product introduction:
*Commodity:Cow /cattle progesterone colloidal gold test strip
*Expiry date:24 months/2 year
*Package:1 strip /1 inner bag,40 bags/1 outter bag
*Pregnancy time: 12-30 days
*Storage:keep in room temperature and avoid direct sunlight

Product Features:

According to the different stages of the sow in progesterone content and the regularity of the estrus to accurate diagnosis of pregnancy

-Used to cow early pregnancy diagnosis, with high accuracy, easy to operate, rapid detection, room temperature storage, easy to carry, harmless to the mother and fetus.

- Two red lines show be pregnant; one red line show not pregnant
- two red lines show the sow pregnant; one red line show no pregnant

Application: used in cow first time to pregnancy diagnosis and pregnancy review

The best date of pregnancy diagnosis :
-19,20,21,22 days after mating in the sow estrus time to diagno the first pregnancy diagnosis;
- 40 days in the sow estrus time to diagno the second pregnancy diagnosis,make sure the sow to be pregnant

Product Usage:
-using the container to take the pig urine, open the aluminum foil paper, take out the test paper
-Holding the handle (blue end of test paper ), put the test paper strip MAX end immersed in urine (urine level shall not exceed MAX line)
-At this moment,by the capillary effect ,sow urine will slowly move the other end of the test strip , when the urine crawling to 2/3 or crawling to complete the test strip, you can see one or two red lines
-5 minutes to determine the results:to be pregnant or not

Technical Parameters

Name cow pregnancy test strip cattle cow pregnancy test strip(paper)by urine
YL4213 YL4213
Pregnancy time 12-30days 12-30days
pregnancy diagn 40days 40days
Two red line show be pregnant show be pregnant
One red line show not pregnant show not pregnant

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