YL5107 automatic chicken feeding pan

Model YL5107
Material Plastic
Grid number 14
Capacity 40-50 chickens
Size 36*36cm
Application chicken, broiler, breeder etc
MOQ 100pcs

Product Description

Automation feeder pan is with V-shaped corrugated trays in the bottom, 14-column grid. It can store 800-1600 grams of feed, raise 40-50 chickens.  Trays quantity can be easily adjusted as needed

1. V-shaped corrugated pan bottom can reduce stored feed quantity, keep chicken feed fresh, prevent chicks staying on trays long time for feeding or resting.
2. Bottom of the pan is hanging on the feeding tube, easy for removal.When it needs flushing, you donot have to remove the entire parts, convenient and healthy.
3. Rotating the upper and lower positioning could adjust the feeding quantity, convenient , accurate and fast.
4. The bottle plate could be removed and set on the ground, as the baby chicken feeding tray.
5. Smooth inner sloping outer edge, preventing broiler craw from injury, keep broiler comfortable and safe to eat

Product  Parameters

Name automatic chicken feeding pan
Size 36*36
Material plastic
Grid number 14
Application chicken, broiler, breeder etc
Capacity 40-50 chickens
MOQ 100pcs

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