YL3601 plastic pig slat floor

Name Pig slat floor
Size 50*60 /50*70 /60*60 / 60*70/ 70*70cm
Material Plastic
Color Red, white, green, blue, etc
Advantage Durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, etc.
Model YL3601

Product Description

ung leaking plastic pig floor is made of high quality engineering polypropylene plastic,whole slat floor is moulded construction.
The plastic pig floor has high strength, high toughness and good resistance to brittle fracture,non-slip surface treatment, Easy to sterilize.

Features of dung leaking plastic pig floor

1) Light weight: density is only 0.91-0.92g/cm³.
2) Good toughness, long service life, easy to clean .
3) Good chemical resistance:acids and alkalis have no effect on fecal leakage board.
4) Non-toxic , tasteless: not contain harmful substances.
5) Strength, stiffness, hardness : the affordability of monolithic is above 1T, it can withstand hammer beating.
6)Good insulation effect:It is suitable for piggy’s range of activities in pig sows, so that piggy is not easy to get sick.
7) Easy to use and install,reducing the workload of workers, saving installation costs

Product  Parameters

 Name  plastic pig slat floor
 Model  YL3601
 size  50*60 /50*70 /60*60 / 60*70/ 70*70cm
 Color  Red, white, green, blue, etc
 Advantage  Durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, etc.
 Application  Farm equipments

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