Rabbit ear tag

• Model: YL 9014
• Size: 18mm
• Material: Plastic
• Weight: 100 g/bag
• Package: 100 pcs/bag
• Color: Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, etc.

Product Description

Rabbit ear tag

Rabbit ear tag
Rabbit ear tag are used by the livestock producer to keep production records of bloodlones,bitrh dates, vaccinations and other key criteria necessary for raising animals as a career. Without some form of identification, it would be impossible to manage the records of each animal.
1.Rabbit ear tagmarked by laser engraving, has never decolorization effect.
2.imported material can be cold antifreeze heat.(TPU material and copper), ear plate and ear tag clamp used together.
3.Copper head stud earrings, not easy to loose, no corrosion, never rust.
4.bold font, more eye-catching easy to distinguish.

Technical Parameters

Item Rabbit ear tag
Model YL 9014
Material Plastic
Size Dia 18 mm
Weight 100g/bag
Color Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, etc. 

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