Continuous Syringe with Bottle

● Model: YL 6706/ 6702/ 6724
● Material: Stainless steel
● Capacity: 0.5~5ml
● Usage: Animals injecting
● Bottle volume: 100ml

Product Description

The continuous syringe with bottle is used to inject vaccine etc medcine for pig, sheep, cattle etc animal

1.Continuous inject, 0.5-5ml can be adjustable
2.Stainless steel materials, never rust, use long time
3.Excellent built-in fittings,vaccinated more accurate
4.Fittings is complete, a complete set of spare parts

continuous flow syringe pump

continuous flow syringe pump
Note: This product is suitable for disinfectant disinfection, avoid boil disinfection and high pressure disinfection

Continuous Syringe with Bottle Advantages
1.Light weight
2.Easy to use for animal inject
3.Flexible operation
4.Accurate measurement
5.Different capacity are available
6.Veterinary Continuous Injector

Technical Parameters

Name Continuous Syringe with Bottle Continuous Syringe with Bottle Continuous Syringe with Bottle
YL6706 YL6702 YL6724
Capacity 0.5~5ml 0.5~5ml 0.5~5ml
Feature continuous and adjustable continuous and adjustable continuous and adjustable
Material stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Bottle capacity 2*100ml 2*100ml 1*100ml
Application cow,cattle,pig,sheep,chicken etc.

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