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Cattle farming for milk production

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The first step in cattle farming like any other livestock farming business if to know the purpose of your farming. If the decision is to rare cattle for commercial milk production,there is many breeds of diary cattle on the market,hence be sure to purchase a weaned curve that meets your production expectation and goals aswell as maximise your profits.

Keeping your cattle healthy and disease free is a priority,it boosts the production levels. Hence a good and happy home is vital; refer to http://www.livestocktool.com . Provide your cows required space inside the rench depending on the breeds. Preferably 80square feet open space and 40square feet space inside the rench is required per cow. Although it may vary depending on the size of the breed. Make proper ventilation system and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the house. Concrete house is very suitable for the cows.

Good foods ensure good health and maximum production. So always try to provide your cows adequate amount of high quality and nutritious foods to ensure proper growth and good health.
Forages,which refer especially to hay or straws are the most common types of feed used for raising diary cows. For energy demands cereal grains are added to the diary cows feed.
Along with adequate nutritious foods,ensure availability of clean and fresh water . Diary cows require more water than any other animal due to the fact that they are raised for milk production and the milk contains a large amount of water,usually a diary cow needs 5liters of water to produce 1liter of milk. So provide the with sufficient,fresh and clean water at all times to meet their demand,use water bowls.

Taking good care and proper management is the main step to be successful in any animal husbandry business. So always try to take good care of your cowss. Feed them nutritious food and provide sufficient ammount of water at all times,must be clean and fresh. Vaccinate them timely so that you can keep them free from all types of diseases and illnesses. Always stock some medicine and keep their house clean and always dipped.

Select a calm and condusive place for milking your cows,preferably a separate room for the cow for milking . You can use milking machines for the milking process to cut on labor costs. Ensure you have good practice to make your cows as comfortable as possible during milking time.

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