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The difference between the chiller and the ventilation cooling system

Time: 2017-09-06 Views:
 In most places, summer is very hot. Usually in order to reduce the summer bring the pig and other animals caused by the impact of decreased appetite, pig farms are usually equipped with cooling of pig equipment, more common pig farms and other farms used cooling equipment: chillers, ventilation Cooling curtain system.
Pigs ventilation ventilation system is the use of negative pressure ventilation principle, the wet curtain and negative pressure fan combination of the formation of the cooling system. Ventilation cooling system work, the first wet paper paper wet, and then through the negative pressure fan to the hot air in the pig house, the formation of negative pressure in the pig house, and then filtered through the wet curtain after cooling, into the pig To achieve the effect of cooling.

This cooling mode can not only cool down the ventilation, but also filter the air purification, so in the large pig farms are basically equipped with the pig.
The pig equipment chillers are usually the use of negative pressure ventilation and the production of the completion of the cooling fan. This model is generally smaller, in the pig farm applications usually need to be equipped with ventilation pipes, the cold air for fixed-point delivery.

In the large-scale pig farm, usually need professionals on pig farms pig pig, pig, air volume and other data to calculate the design of the pig in the installation of cold fan equipment.

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