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Rural sheep facing three problems should be how to deal with?

Time: 2017-08-19 Views:
In the rural sheep become more and more difficult, profits are getting lower and lower. At present, rural sheep are facing three major problems, how to deal with sheep!

1, the grass is difficult to solve

Before the sheep mainly rely on grazing, and now can be used for grazing place less and less. Sheep is a herbivorous animal, captive also need to feed a lot of fodder.

Solution: In the fall of a large number of the acquisition of soybean stalks, peanut seedlings, corn stalks and other dry storage, you can also plant some high-yielding grass such as Mexican corn grass, imperial bamboo grass and other sheep. According to the forage reserves for sheep, do not blindly expand the scale.

2, the price of sheep is difficult to rise

This has been a big flurry sheep, three consecutive years of low prices, so that sheep who lost three years, imported lamb is still eyeing!

Solution: 1, when the sheep to find a few sheep traders, who give the price to sell high who can also find a foreign sheep dealers to buy. 2, although the low price of sheep, but most areas of lamb prices have been maintained at a higher price, you can slaughter their own meat.

3, more and more sheep disease

As the transport more and more convenient, sheep circulation increased. Coupled with the sheep are now large-scale farming, sheep disease becomes more and more. A little careless, it may be married as a large number of casualties.

Solution: sheep disease focuses on feeding management and prevention. Strengthen feeding and management, enhance sheep constitution, reduce its incidence. Do disinfection of health work, do not contact with the outside world. In accordance with the epidemic prevention procedures for vaccination, reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

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