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Autumn rabbit feeding prevention points

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Rabbit through the hot summer, the resistance to disease has declined, to the fall and the value of hair and mother rabbit childbirth, consumption increased. This time, grasp the autumn is particularly important. Therefore, should be in accordance with scientific standards of immunization technology operation methods, the autumn rabbit epidemic prevention work.

Choose a regular factory vaccine

The current vaccine market is messy. A number of manufacturers to produce vaccines, multiple varieties of vaccines in the market circulation. Regular manufacturers of the vaccine has a formal approval number, the vaccine antigen content is sufficient, the immune protection rate is high, immune protection lasting, safe and good.

Choose the right vaccine

The production of each rabbit field and the incidence of the disease are different, the rabbit field according to their own production needs of the rabbit field, the rational development of immunization program, according to the planned vaccination.

Followed by vaccination can not be repeated several times, it will cause the immune function of rabbits, the emergence of immune paralysis, leading to immune failure.

Scientific immunization

Before immunization, according to the number of rabbit rabbits to develop a reasonable scientific immunization program or immunization program, the use of syringes, disinfection of cotton balls, needles to go through a strict disinfection after the spare. Check the health status of vaccinated rabbits, for the disease, weak, residual, late pregnancy rabbits, should not be vaccinated.

When vaccination, must be required, the injection dose should be enough, the site should be accurate, each injection of a rabbit replacement needle.

Can not play two varieties of the vaccine at the same time, in addition to playing a normal two or triple vaccine, the two vaccines can not be injected at the same time.

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