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Why is the pig not fat?

Time: 2017-08-12 Views:
This morning, a farmer in Ningxia called to respond and said: his family's pig is very normal to eat, but it is not fat, next door farm with his family with the same batch of pigs are now fat fat body, and his family of pigs also Thin and small. In fact, this situation is not rare in the breeding circle, then what led to this phenomenon? There are five main reasons:
1. Piglet weaning lacks reasonable transitional measures

Take weaning measures, to be prepared before weaning five or six days to gradually reduce the number of piglets breastfeeding, which will help piglets better adapted to the weaning after the living environment. Sudden weaning can easily cause piglets stress, thus affecting the growth and development of piglets.

2. Not enough time to feed or improper feeding

Piglets should choose to be easy to digest, high-quality feed when feeding, which helps the piglets to eat better after weaning.

3. Feed quality poor feeding method is not scientific

Piglets after weaning, feed quality and feeding methods are also important, if there is no scientific and reasonable transition, it is likely to cause piglets to eat is not normal, and thus malnutrition body weight loss.
4. Feeding environment mutations cause piglets not to adapt

Piglets after weaning their living environment will be a big change. Mother is gone, their familiar brothers and sisters are not, so piglets are easy to eat well, sleep well and thus lead to growth and development affected.
5. Weaning, epidemic prevention, castration did not grasp the time

Often, 20 days of age is the best time for boar castration, 30 to 40 days of age is the best time for sow castration. If you intend to castrate, it is best to carry out in a scientific period of time

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