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Clever use of six strokes pig, low-cost pig to see the last resort

Time: 2017-08-07 Views:
 Today talk about how to raise pigs low cost

1, raising ternary hybrid pigs. Such as Duroc boar as the male parent, long white boar and large white sow hybrid selection of hybrid sows for maternal mating, get Du long second generation hybrid pig is a ternary pig. Its viability, fast growth, feeding effect is good.

2, adhere to self-cultivation. Pig farms want to reduce the cost of pig raising, raising the survival rate of piglets, you can raise their own good male sows, and thus calving culture.

3, protective feeding. In the hot summer can be used to rejuvenate the vines, cold winter to enhance the insulation measures, regular deworming and epidemic prevention.

4, feeding density is moderate. In the summer, there is a fattening pig in every square, and one fattening pig is raised every 0.8 in winter. Appropriate increase the stocking density, reduce the activity space, can increase the weight gain of fattening pigs.

5, pig concept change. Feed the whole price of feed; cooked feed into raw raw material mixed wet feeding; hanger fattening straight line fattening; sick treatment to advance prevention; feed appropriate feeding additives and auxin.

6, timely slaughter and slaughter. Fattening pigs in the 90 to 120 kilograms or so suitable for slaughter or slaughter, if you continue to raise, the fat deposition more and more weight loss, not only a waste of feed, but also increased the cost of pig.

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