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Precautions of Establishing Chicken Farms

Time: 2017-08-02 Views:

ZIf you are intend to build a poultry farm, there are some rules you need to pay attention to. Such as good surroundings, reasonable structural design and professional equipment installation, etc.

1.Good Surroundings
A good surroundings is very important for chickens. According to scientific standards, poultry farms should stay away from the villages, schools and other population concentration areas, drinking water sources, slaughter and processing plants, roads and railways, livestock trading market,etc.

2.Reasonable Structural Design
Illumination time should be enough. Color of lamp should meet the preferences of breeding poultry. Size of poultry farms should be appropriate. too small seems crowed, too big is not suitable for gregarious poultry.There should also be drinking water pool, pool disinfection, lawn and vegetation,etc.

3.Professional equipment installation
A complete equipment is necessary in order to make a cosy and comfortable environment for poultry.There should be disinfection systems, fire suppression systems, lamp lighting system, and the treatment of poultry diseases clinic.There should also be prepared space for poultry with infectious diseases which need to be isolated.Otherwise,a complete equipment should include excreta disposal tank, and sewage treatment.

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