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Matters needing attention when feeding chicken in winter

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Cold Winter, the temperature inside the shed differs greatly from outside, it is necessary to ventilation, but also to maintain the temperature inside the shed. Chicken shed should be warm enough to achieve the requirements of winter insulation. Prevent chickens dying caused by crowded extrusion due to low temperature.

At the same time, be careful not to cause the shed temperature fluctuated too much to prevent excessive disease, vents should be kept up 1.5 meters above the chicken. In general, 6-day-old begin to ventilate, and with age increased, increase ventilation, so that chicken can have enough oxygen.

2, Increasing proteins content in feeds, preventing diseases
According to the different growth stages of broilers, the diets should be prepared according to the feeding standard. Due to low winter temperatures, broiler calorie consumption is big. When preparing the diet, metabolic energy standards should be appropriately improved, While the proportion of protein should be appropriately reduced. At the same time, pay attention to determination of vitamin to meet the demands.

3, Strengthen management
Chicken shed should be strict scoured, disinfection, fumigation before put in chicken. Control of drinking water, the general consumption of water is 2 to 3 times the amount of feeder, but not more water, because water will increase the moisture of litter, with water pipes no leak.

4, Environmental control, keep clean
First, bring in healthy chicken. Second, create a good environment. And sterilized regularly, taken preventive measures. Detect the health status of the chicken termly. Deal with the epidemic timely to prevent spread of disease.

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